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ADORE-1020 7″ Heel

ADORE-10207″ HeelSize: 5-147″ (17.8cm) Stiletto Heel, 2 3/4″ (7cm) Platform Lace-Up Platform Ankle Boot, Full Inner Side Zipper

NZD 169.90
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Lycra bikini with high waisted short.

Lycra bikini with high waisted short. EM82139 This sexy number is also from the Vivace Swimwear Collection by Elegant Moments, and elegant it is. This is a must have f...

NZD 59.90
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Mesh bikini with animal trim.

Mesh bikini top and matching g-string with animal trim. EM8960 Another one of Elegant Moments Vivace range of Swimwear, this revealing mesh bikini with animal trim ...

NZD 39.90
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