About us

2 Trade It was created due to a need for listing items without fees, and the need for some features presently not available in the current offerings. 

2 Trade it was founded on the principles of FREE LISTINGS, Better features, and an easy to use site. 

2 Trade it, is owned and operated in New Zealand by Custom Group Limited, a company which operates a range of logistical companies, and retail sectors too. This provides a great combination and network for you to enjoy the benefits of. 

With a different outlook than most, we aren't about profits, instead with the focus on providing a service for you to buy, sell, exchange etc. in an affordable and manageable way. We are here for the long run and will continue well into the future.

Why the name 2 Trade It? 2 Trade It used to be a site which was one of the earlier competitors to trademe and sella, with a different philosophy and approach, however they were combined into another organization, and recently I seen the domain name for sale, as I was thinking about this idea. 

Trademe (Our largest competitor) has become too big, and charges far too much to list products on there affordably. In some cases trademe will actually see more than you. What is fair about that?

2 Trade It - NZ's most affordable marketplace, making trading affordable again since 2020


Our software is run on Scalable Cloud servers based in Albany, Auckland. These are housed and maintained in one of the most respected Datacenters, by some of the most respected teams in the industry. 

Our website is secured via an SSL Certificate to protect your information, Just look for the closed padlock in the address bar, if this shows you can be assured your data is being submitted securely