Some of our features include the following. 

All the benefits of a brick and mortar store, including a logo, plus unlimited advertising space. The essentials for building a brand. Gain and retain clients by a persuasive Meta Description and a compelling About page.

Product Variations

Sellers can set different prices for the same listing based on available stock, color, size, etc. It's also the best way to keep track of inventory and create special offers for soon-to-be out of stock products.

Force Payment

A sale isn't considered complete until the product is marked as Paid. Helps with keeping track of stock levels. Sellers can also enforce a time limit for payments. When not paid within the preset time limit, the sale is cancelled and the product is automatically relisted.

Buy Out

Sellers can tempt buyers without patience with their preferred price. Also, they must check the “Always show buy out button” to ensure the button will remain available even if there are bids above the Buy Out price.

Bulk Import / Upload

We know that you may have a wide range of items, which creates a time consuming problem. We have created a bulk uploader which you can upload your products as long as your product list complies with our Upload CSV Requirements.

Make Offer

When allowing offers, sellers set the listing price and the accepted price range (optional). Offers can be accepted, rejected or negotiated. When making a counter-offer, both sellers and buyers can go back-and-forth until agreeing on a final price.

Custom Start & End Times

Sellers can schedule sales that fit into their daily programs. By observing previous customer behavior they can create flash auctions and sales during high traffic periods.

Combine Invoices