We offer a wide range of advertising options, and for our initial offering we will be offering a buy one get three months worth of advertising.

Banners in the following sizes will be accepted for banner advertising.

All banner advertising is charged on a monthly basis at a low rate, we provide the statistics of the add at the end of the month. Our low costs make this a great return on investment.

We also offer a number of other options such as our Stores option, we provide a promotion in which we provide a promoted item, store, or other in an email.

We also will mark auctions we deem interesting as Featured. Featured listings are free.

Contact advertising@2tradeit.co.nz to discuss your needs and we can create a plan tailored to your needs.

If you order advertising during December, we will give you 1 months advertising for the price of 1 week. Buy 1 week get 4, this is extremely great value, don’t miss out.

Our current rates are:


$45.00 per week
Header banner displays at the top of the website 
This advertising placement displays throughout all of the 2tradeit.co.nz website 


$60.00 per week 
Footer banner displays at the bottom of the website  
This advertising placement displays throughout all of the 2tradeit.co.nz website 


$60.00 (per week)
Advertisement placement within the 2tradeit.co.nz HTML emails generated to users of 2 Trade it 
Emails are generated to 2tradeit.co.nz members (buyers and sellers) for almost every action taken on the 4tradeit website e.g.
- bidding on auctions
- listing placements
- questions and answers
- relist and offers
- favourites notifications
- watchlist notifications 


 $60.00 (per edition)
Advertisement placement within the 2 Trade it news letter 
Newsletter goes out to 2 Trade it members 
Newsletter adverts work particularly well for special offers or discounts to 2tradeit.co.nz members